Todo List
Global cacao::InitializeClassPatcher::check_is_patched () const
Global cacao::InitializeClassPatcher::emit ()
Global cacao::jit::compiler2::Instruction::print_operands (OStream &OS)
use Value::print_operands
Global cacao::jit::compiler2::ScheduleLatePass::schedule_late (Instruction *I)

register pressure

evaluate this!

Global cacao::jit::compiler2::Segment< Tag, RefCategory >::get_Ref (IdxTy idx, std::size_t t)
replace with getter for tag
Global cacao::jit::compiler2::x86_64::CondJumpInst::jump
change this!
Class cacao::jit::compiler2::x86_64::MovModRMInst
merge with MovInst
Class cacao::ordered_list< T, Allocator >
not all methods are implemented yet!
Class cacao::Patcher
Remove/adopt the text above if the legacy patchref_t framework has been removed.
Global PrimitiveType
PRIMITIVETYPE_DUMMY1 is only used to keep this enum interchangeable with the Type enum. It is an artefact from the transition from C to C++ (i.e. #defines to enums). Should be replaced (e.g. by a new enum).